Testing the new coating Blindo and Top Coat

Test spot new coating part one.

We did just one layer of each (#blindo and #topcoat) . We used the car for 2 weeks in extreme weather conditions, just to see how it reacts.

The new coatings of #labocosmetica are just in testfase. Our opinion:

- "Top"

It's a great coating and do what's it supposed to do.

  • #BLINDO is the base coat. It is 100% physical. It creates strong
    protection layer.
    It contains 80% of active resin
    It has a high self-curing, much more than other
    brands, and this allows the complete closure of the film in short time,
    having the maximum of the performances. 

#TOP COAT #(HPC) – It is 100% chemical. You can apply
it alone, or on #BLINDO. It has strong beading and sheeting. 

Great work #Labocosmetica


Tested by Exclusive Car Detailing - Coated in Torre-Pacheco, Murcia, Spain.


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